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Danielle Rush, the Owner of Red Art & Design, is a Certified Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour program, and a Certified Barre Instructor.  In 2017 she graduated with an MA in Artistic Meditation and hosts Art & Yoga workshops quarterly.  Her life has been a testimony of art and fitness as a form of stress reduction. Danielle is currently enrolled in an advanced 500-hour yoga education program, Yoga Medicine.  Contact her for information on private yoga sessions focusing on breathing, meditation and movement or visit one of her locally scheduled classes.

Looking for an at home yoga practice?  Click the options below to open a new window and view the themed practice.  Keep in mind that all forms of movement have certain risks and you should be cleared by your doctor for physical activity, especially if you have certain health concerns.  The home classes can be printed so feel free to share with your healthcare provider or email me for questions.  Each home class includes an iTunes playlist, a list of props needed and detailed cues and pose diagrams.  For information on how Danielle can design a yoga program for your specific needs email

Relax & Restore

Hatha Flow

Vinyasa Core

Previously working as a personal trainer, Danielle wants to share yoga as a method of change.  Currently, she teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, restorative, chair and strength/core based yoga.  She is accustomed to working with classes that consist of mixed-level participants and offers a variety of options and modifications during each session.  She wants to educate her clients on how their body works and help them find a practice of movement that provides comfort in daily life.

Danielle serves Soaring Spirit Yoga Studio in Occoquan.  You can see the schedule here:

Danielle serves Latitude Yoga Co. in Stafford.  You can see their schedule here:

Barre is a fusion of ballet, yoga, Pilates and strength training.  The class uses a variety of equipment including a ball, sliders and light weights or resistance bands. Participants can use a ballet barre, chair or the wall for balance and stability.  Barre features a long warm-up, low to non-impact style workout and stretching with relaxation to close.  While this is a structured resistance training program, it is tailored to the individual’s fitness needs and can be set at their own pace.  The music is upbeat and the atmosphere is fun!  You will need a yoga mat and a bottle of water.  Please be ready to work hard at YOUR OWN PACE.  While this class is considered a “workout” it is low to non-impact and can be tailored to your level and comfort.  Breaks are built in to the hour and encouraged as needed.

At this time there are no Barre classes on the calendar please email Danielle if you are interested in scheduling a workshop or class.

Meditation & Movement